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Between May 11 and 13, 2017, the 2nd edition of the Northeastern Congress of Clinical Nutrition and Functional Sports Nutrition was held, which was held at the Business Center of Praia Centro Hotel. The event aimed to disseminate Functional Nutrition through Brazil through a team of renowned professionals and quality content. The congress is aimed at nutritionists, pharmacists, physical educators, doctors and students. Continue reading
In its sixth edition, the RTI Congress of Internet Providers was held at the Business Center of Praia Centro Hotel. The event is addressed to ISPs - Internet Access Providers, to discuss access technologies, regulation, revenue generation with new value-added services and opportunities in the broadband market. Continue reading
The VIII Latin American Congress and XIV Brazilian Congress of Food Hygienists, promoted by the Brazilian College of Veterinary Medical Hygienists of Food (CBMVHA), was held from April 25 to 28, 2017. The event took place at the Fábrica de Negócios do Praia Centro Hotel, Fortaleza - CE. This year's theme was "Water, Biodiversity and Food Security: Challenges for Sustainable Food". Continue reading
Traveling is incredible, but we know that it takes some savings to enjoy the new destination. Depending on the location and a number of factors, it is possible to use it economically. As we showed in the previous post, there are tips for you to handle your money that is important to know when it comes to meeting a new place! Continue reading
Who has never risked a great trip, does not know the wonderful experience that is missing. In addition to living good times you will expand your mind and worldview. However, we know that to fulfill this dream it is necessary to have the money to pay the expenses of the trip and we have brought some tips to help you! Continue reading
Getting ready to travel is very good! Knowing that you will embark on an adventure, getting to know new territories, people and having fun in different ways than you are used to is exciting. In order for you to travel peacefully, we've brought you some tips that will help you prepare better for this hot moment. Continue reading